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FF! – 6/8/13

on June 8, 2013

Okay, okay, I’m a day late. At least I’m doing it this week!

…Super Saturdays!  …yay…

•Best BandAid ever!!!

•Wow, that’s a big picture… Moving on!

•I can’t escape it! It’s coming for me!

•”Yeah, I’m skating. Problem? No? Okay…”

•Seriously?! Get yourself a job! Support the economy! Read a book! No, WRITE a book! Just not about strawberries…

•Which is better…

•…Hello Kitty?…

•… or Grumpy Cat?

•So the other day I was playing Twister and I had to take a minute to figure which one was my right hand. I was informed by a Kindergartner that I “needed to get that figured out soon” and her Third-grade sister, trying to encourage me, said, “That’s okay, I’m going into fourth grade and sometimes I have those problems too.” Well girls, we aren’t the only ones!

•And now, cool matchstick art!

(Swan, Yin-Yang, Heart, Musical Notes, Coin Purse, Flower, Rain, Moon,

Sailboat, Bumblebee, Dragonfly, Snail, Dog, Parrot, Spider)

Well, I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for not keeping this thing up to date. You see, I’ve been working or visiting colleges nearly everyday and I don’t have much time for fun on the computer, so I haven’t been on the lookout for cool stuffs. If you have any suggestions on cool stuff I can put on the blog, don’t hesitate to comment below, email me, or tweet me!

email: randomramblingsfeedback@gmail.com

twitter username: RRamblingsblog


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