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Summer is On It’s Way! (178)

on April 22, 2014

Ladies, I highly recommend this post! Written by a sweet friend who I know really practices what she preaches!!

Blessings in Waiting

Spring is here and summer will be coming in a hurry. Do you know what summer means? Summer means that the clothes are shorter, lower, and at times not even there. Fall is my favorite season for more reason than one. I enjoy the warm weather that summer brings, but I dread it for my brothers in Christ as well as young ladies that are trying to find cute new outfits.

Yep, you guessed it! This is going to be another post about modesty! I can almost see your eyes roll, but bear with me for a minute. I promise that I’m not going to ask you to wear a sheet down to your toes, with a parka and a fur hat in 90 degree heat to be modest. I’m also not going to ask you to wear some horrid combination between pants and a skirt. I’m not going to…

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