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Blessings in the Night

on November 12, 2013

So yesterday was a pretty okay day (my birthday) and I went to bed at around 11, feeling good.

As I was drifting off to sleep at about 11:30, I was thinking about the next day (today) and the Chemistry test I had. Then with a jolt I woke up, remembering some pretty important online homework that was supposed to be due Monday at midnight. I looked at the clock and saw I had just under 30 minutes to complete and submit the homework. The previous homework in this class has always been difficult and time-consuming. I got on my laptop and of course, the internet was pretty much non-existent. By the time I got to the homework page I was very worried, which worsened as I saw it was actually due at 11:55, giving me even less time.

In a hurry I picked up my phone and shot off a message to my best friend using the voice recognition option. Of course, I was very hurried as well as worried so the message came out like this:

“Please pray for me I just remembered very important good time it and its to the left in half an hour now I’m not sure I’m going to finish in time”

Of course what I meant was Please pray for me I just remembered a very important homework assignment it and its due in less than half an hour and now I’m not sure I’m going to finish in time”

Some of you may think it a strange request, but school is my life and this class in particular has a bit of a shaky grade, so I need all the points I can get.

I sat there for what seemed like forever answering question, praying and rocking back in forth for the internet to work and accept the answers so I could move on. There ended up being 15 questions. Each question usually takes around 3-5 minutes to complete and grade. There was no way I was getting this done. When the last question was submitted I looked at the clock: 11:43. I had made it!!

This is my midnight blessing:

1. God cares for me and can do something amazing or simple like He did for me in allowing me to finish and submit my homework in time.

2. The best friends aren’t the best because of their personality or how often you hang out with them, but when they can drop everything and pray with you for any request. I am blessed to have many of these in my life.


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