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FF! – 6/28/13

on June 28, 2013

Hey y’all! I’m alive!

•Dying laughing right now

•Though there is actually such a thing as a unicorn.

•Choices, choices. Mountain Dew or Let the Lord Decide? Wait, same thing!

•Can’t help but laugh at this, even considering this year’s Miss Utah and her flub.

captial of Texas


spider kitty gif

•YES!!! …except for the Shrek book 😛

•Though probably not a good idea for people like me


•Or someone tickles you but you don’t laugh so they just push harder until they end up bruising you… true story

•My brain!

weird dance illusion gif

•Oh no!


K that’s all!

Over and out!

(I tell you, these painkillers… mahvelous!)



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