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Great Deals!: How to make hand-me-downs fun

on June 23, 2013

Yesterday I was off work so I decided to get down to business and clean out parts of my room since I’ll be leaving in two months anyways. Friday’s task was the storage parts of my desk area (drawers, boxes, etc.) so I threw a lot of junk mail from colleges away. Today’s task was the closet. Now, my closet’s a walk-in and its pretty big, but most of that space is taken up by my STAR WARS collection and the rest is clothes that haven’t fit me for years.

So I put on a John Williams CD and got to work clearing away the trash that had accumulated over the years: old school papers, clothing tags, granola wrappers, popcorn bags (hey, I said it was big, it’s basically bigger than my room so I go in there to read or watch movies). Then came the clothes. I had all sorts of clothes that I hadn’t worn since Jr. High and I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear again. As the pile of clothes designated to go to my little sister grew bigger I started to feel bad for her. I’m the oldest of four, but over half of my clothes are hand-me-downs from friends, my mom, aunt or gramma. Elisabeth goes shopping more than I do, but she still has a lot of hand-me-downs too. I decided to get all the clothes together and set up shop to let her go “shopping” so it wouldn’t be like “Here’s a pile of clothes you have to wear and there’s enough here that you’ll never have to go shopping again.” Instead, I took our guest bedroom and transformed it into “Great Deals!” the store that has it all! Here’s how that went:

I tidied up her room and left her a coupon for the store’s grand opening


As she walked into the room, she saw this sign I made with a small whiteboard and some markers


All skirts and dress shirts were hung up on a rolling rack with night clothes in stacks next to it


Across from that was a table with pants and t-shirts and shoes underneath


I even put out some “jewelry” next to the register


She really enjoyed the experience and said she’d probably come back tomorrow and see if there was anything else she wanted!




2 responses to “Great Deals!: How to make hand-me-downs fun

  1. Jecka says:

    aww! that’s awesome! 🙂

  2. Stepsister says:

    And I wasn’t invited to your first grand opening…

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