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TT/FF!- Variations on “O Fortuna” 4/26/13

on April 26, 2013

Well, this post took WAY longer than I planned. It’s combined “Tuesday Tunes” and “Friday Fun!” this week, folks!


This is a pretty well-known song, or is it?


Misheard lyrics (WARNING! some questionable picture, though animated):

Elementary kids write what they think it means*:

“Thunder strikes, lightening striks, rain is falling, you are sleeping.” – Cooper

“War is going on,

I feel like I will die soon,

War is sad and devastating,

Lord, help these people fighting.” – Alyssa

“Once I see the men fight.

It was very close to midnight.

The world was coming to an end.

But then the light came.

The darkness flew

And the battle was flew.” – Clark

“Poeple singing really loud it sounds creepy it goes from loud to soft it is getting louder it is really loud it sounds like there singing it it going to supprise me I hear symbols it is creeping me out i can not hear what there singing I hear the bass drum” – Jack

“Once upon a time there lived goldylocks in forest jail because she trespassed into the bears home 😦 but she’ll be let out someday.” – Logan


We are marching to our death. The enemy has the dragons they stole from us. They also have orcs. Our eagles are no match for the dragons. They are shooting torched arrows at us. I saw friends getting eaten by drags and burning from the arroes. The orcs are marching towards us we are getting ready to die. Ahh the dragon ate my arms.” – Anna

And the actually meaning:

O Fortuna                                             O Fortune,
velut luna                                             like the moon
statu variabilis,                                 you are changeable,
semper crescis                                  always increasing
aut decrescis;                                    or decreasing;
vita detestabilis                                hateful life
nunc obdurat                                     first oppresses
et tunc curat                                      and then soothes
ludo mentis aciem,                         as game takes it;
egestatem,                                          poverty
potestatem                                         and power
dissolvit ut glaciem.                       it melts them like ice.

Sors immanis                                    Fate – monstrous
et inanis,                                             and empty,
rota tu volubilis,                             you whirling wheel,
status malus,                                    you are malevolent,
vana salus                                         well-being is vain
semper dissolubilis,                     and always fades to nothing,
obumbrata                                       shadowed
et velata                                            and veiled
michi quoque niteris;                  you plague me too;
nunc per ludum                             now through the game
dorsum nudum                              I bring my bare back
fero tui sceleris.                             to your villainy.

Sors salutis                                       In health
et virtutis                                          and virtue,
michi nunc contraria,                  fate is against me.
est affectus                                       driven on
et defectus                                        and weighted down,
semper in angaria.                        always enslaved.
Hac in hora                                      So at this hour
sine mora                                         without delay
corde pulsum tangite;                 pluck the vibrating strings;
quod per sortem                            since Fate
sternit fortem,                                strikes down the strong man,
mecum omnes plangite!             everyone weep with me!

Bonus!! PianoGuys version:


*These are taken from several Elementary classes at our school. Obviously, this was not my idea. The Elementary music teacher often plays a classical piece and has the children listen and draw pictures or write stories. It is not my intent to take away credit from her in any way (especially since she’s pretty awesome!).

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