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Friday Fun!- 3/8/13

on March 8, 2013

•This is where 100% of my work is done (though not when it comes to blogging lol)

•Curse you legos! :’,(

•An efficient way to style hair!

•The cause of most of my broken fingernails

•I love tacos…

•Ah! Where’d you come from!?!

•Forever alone

•I want these swings!

•I decided to write on a topic I know well…

•Too funny!

•Totally me!




•I don’t think I even know what an emoji is!

•Admire! Admire! ADMIRE!

•Yes, when was that supposed to happen?

•What I wanna know is, who’s their regular speaker?

•Pretty cool sunset!

•*Insert theme from Jaws and Frosty the Snowman*


That’s all, folks!


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