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Friday Fun!-2/8/13

on February 8, 2013

•So today we went to get my little bro’s permit test taken. On the way beck, traffic was insane which was weird since it was the middle of the day. Some dude skid across both lanes and into some vehicle which had already been removed by the time we got there. Turns out, this same guy had just taken his test right before my brother.

•Share if you’re against Middle Earth bullying

•Just get mom

•Cookie Monster has violent tendencies!

•This is how guys should always open doors. There would be so much more awesome!


•I know it’s not Halloween, but this is still awesome

•Smile and the world will smile with you!

This video just makes me want to be an anesthesiologist even more.

•I wonder if it always works?

•Seriously? If this is how guys think they should talk to us…. LOL!

•Then again, some of us may be desperate.



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